turbofan engine

turbofan engine
A type of gas turbine engine that has a fan or a set of lengthened blades either on a low-pressure compressor or a low-pressure turbine. The term also applies to a less common arrangement in which the fan is located at the rear of the engine and is an external extension of one or more turbines. In some axial-flow engines, the airflow through the compressor is in the forward direction, parallel to the axis of the rotor. This is known as a reverse-flow turbofan-type engine. Air moved by the fan blades propels bypass air flows along the engine axis but between the inner- and outer-engine casing. This air is not combusted but does provide additional thrust caused by the propulsive effect imparted to it by the extended compressor blading. Fan air is responsible for production of 25 to 75% of the thrust produced by the engine.

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